AI News: Unpacking the Latest Developments and Milestones in Generative AI Technologies

Just when you thought AI couldn’t get any more thrilling, we’re back again to blow your mind! We have seen some intriguing developments in the AI sector recently and it’s as if we are living in an Ian McEwan novel (a dash less dystopian though). Let’s delve into the all-embracing world of generative AI that leaves no stone unturned in turning heads and dropping jaws.


One thing we can assure you, is that the AI sphere is never short of drama. The recent ousting of Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has left the cyber corridors buzzing with speculation. While we don’t have the full deets (because, well, they’re keeping those cards close to their chest), we do have something to ponder – like who’ll fill those rather large shoes? Step forward Mira Murati, CTO, now juggling both roles for the time being. It seems OpenAI has ‘opened’ itself up to new leadership and we’re most intrigued to see how this move plays out.


In other news, Discord has decided to pull the plug on Clyde, its experimental AI chatbot. Don’t start mourning just yet because honestly, who even uses server chats anymore? (*wink*). Clyde was known for his AI repartee, thanks to OpenAI models, all of which will now be MIA in server chats, group DMs and direct messages.


Last but not least, WhatsApp appears to have pulled up its socks for jumping into the AI bandwagon with dedicated shortcuts for its AI chat features. They’re so discreetly tucked away in the Chats tab, you might miss it if you blink! This fast-track access to AI-driven chats could make our lives a whole lot easier and — dare we say it — more fun.


In conclusion, the AI arena continues to prove that it’s truly the land of the future. From major corporate reshuffles to technological leaps, it’s clear that generative AI is not just shaping our smartphones but also the way we communicate. It might be chaotic, it might be disruptive, but as marketers, there’s nothing quite like being on this roller-coaster ride. Buckle up and enjoy the journey with us!

So, there you have it – your whistle-stop tour of November 18th’s tech news. Be sure to plug into gimmefy for your daily dose of AI updates. Until our next recap, stay tech-tacular!

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