Bust language barriers with gimmefy’s Euro Language Translator!

Exciting updates are here! At gimmefy, we’ve been working diligently to enhance our platform and provide you with a better user experience. From breaking language barriers, to tapping onto advanced AI assistants, to generating variations based on a single image, discover even more features to add to your marketing arsenal. 


gimmefy Buzz: Latest Innovations & Updates

Unlock International Markets with gimmefy’s Language Translator!

Introducing gimmefy’s innovative Language Translation feature. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to seamless communication across different markets. 

With this powerful tool, instantly translate any text generated on gimmefy into French, Spanish, Mandarin, and over 20 additional languages. Whether you’re crafting social media content, press releases, or marketing campaigns, this feature ensures that your message can reach over 75% of global audiences. 

Expand your international reach and connect with customers in their native languages, all with just a few clicks! 


Tips & Tricks

Hello, Critical Chris 

Your go-to AI Marketing Assistant for all your content analysis needs. Cut down on clutter and get precise, constructive feedback on your press releases, blog articles, and product descriptions.

Talk to Chris here.


More Pictures, Please 

Create multiple versions of a single image with the help of AI visual editing technology, brought to you by gimmefy’s Image Variation Generator feature.

Try it out here.



Coming Soon

New input formats

Unlock new creative possibilities with gimmefy’s game-changing input formats.

Enhance your brief using a consumer report or a survey, and add to your brand voice by uploading a document or inserting a link


More new tasks

Explore the Go-to-Market Guide for expert guidance on launching your product or service in the market and how to drive successful campaigns. Discover the New Tasks category for all of gimmefy’s latest features in one convenient place. 

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