Discover the Latest AI-Powered Innovations on gimmefy!

We’ve been working hard to make gimmefy even better! here’s a recap of the key enhancements in the last few days and also a glimpse into what’s brewing!


gimmefy Buzz: Latest Innovations & Updates

Meet AMA – Your 24/7 AI Marketing Assistants
These intelligent assistants are packed with innovative features to help you generate brilliant ideas, craft compelling content, and optimise your campaigns.

Say hello here.


Image Generator Supercharged
Our Image Generator just got an upgrade! Experience enhanced capabilities and create captivating visuals effortlessly.

Make visual magic here.


Transcreate – Unleash Global Engagement
Connect worldwide, resonate locally! Break language barriers, capture nuances, and engage diverse audiences like never before!

Try it here.


1-Click for Effortless Progression
Magic in a snap! Experience seamless progress between tasks with this new intuitive feature. Effortlessly achieve exceptional results!

Find out more.



Tips & Tricks

Garbage in, Garbage out
Unleash the secret to extraordinary campaign planning with gimmefy.

Turn briefs into remarkable results! Watch it now here!



Jack’s Quest
Meet Jack Pawer, CEO of Licks & Rubs!

He’s using gimmefy’s Campaign Ideator for their 2nd-anniversary promo. Can you help him pick the ultimate campaign idea? Read more here.




Coming Soon

Brand Voice – Task Generation Shortcuts
We’re hard at work on our next update, Brand Voice.

Pre-fill questions and create personas for different audiences to save time and enhance your marketing efforts.

Stay tuned!

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