Generative Genius: Marketing Edition (Ep. 1)

As the co-founder of, a generative AI-based marketing platform, I spend many hours a week sifting through the AI realm, often with a cuppa in hand. I’ve been dispatching my finds, musings, and the occasional AI joke to friends and colleagues. Given that none have blocked my emails (yet), I’ve taken the audacious step of turning my ramblings into this newsletter. Dive in, and let’s make marketing a tad more… intelligent.


1. AI News: The Latest in Generative AI for Marketers – gimmefy’s Comprehensive Summary!

Discover the latest in generative AI innovations, including Samsung’s Exynos 2400 processor changing smartphone use, Nvidia’s mysterious AI-focused graphics card, and Reka’s Yasa-1 giving ChatGPT competition. FAIR tackles image misuse with Stable Signature while OpenAI ensures safety with prompt transformations for DALL-E 3. Stay ahead in your marketing game and ride the AI wave with more captivating details here.


2. New AI Tools: Cutting-Edge Innovations That Are Reshaping The Marketing Landscape

In the realm of digital marketing, new AI tools are redefining how we create and share stories. One standout is the AI Storyboard Generator by Boords. An affordable, user-friendly tool capable of transforming text into vibrant images, moulding your creative vision with ease. Explore this game-changer and others in our exciting tech tour.


3. What got me thinking this week: How Might Generative AI Impact Marketing Creativity?

As marketers, weary of generative AI diminishing our creative flame? Fear not. In the right hands, AI can aid our p-type and h-type creativity, but it won’t replace us. Its creativity is inherently limited by datasets, unable to mimic our boundless imagination. Let’s use AI smartly as an ally, not a replacement, freeing us for strategic thinking and innovative ideation. Now, are you ready to embrace AI or let it clash with your creativity? It’s up to you. Continue reading to explore more.


4. The Grey Matter: Navigating the Ethical Conundrums in AI & Its Implication on Marketing

Welcome to the murky corners of AI, where biases, ethics, and fairness converge. As marketers leaning on tools like gimmefy, it’s crucial to understand the inherent prejudices within these technologies, which can lead to skewed marketing results and inequity. Reflecting on this, we must march forward, challenging these biases and advocating for ethical practices. Ready to join us on this journey? Continue reading.


5. The AI Glossary: Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

Today’s AI Glossary term? Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). This smart software model mirrors human thinking, processing vast data quantities to predict patterns. With ANN, marketers gain advanced tools like image recognition and language processing, perfect for boosting customer interactions and trend prediction accuracy. Keen on discovering more AI wonders? Continue reading about ANN.


6. Mad Machines: Heinz Ketchup AI Campaign – A Generative AI Revolution in Marketing

As an experienced marketer, I was intrigued by Heinz’s innovative AI Ketchup Campaign. Teaming with Rethink Canada and OpenAI, they redefined ad creation using generative AI. This campaign not only increased engagement but also demonstrated the limitless possibilities of creativity in marketing. It’s safe to say that we’re on the brink of an AI-led creative revolution in advertising. Want to know more? Continue reading.


7. The AI Marketer’s Diary: Unmasking the Deepfake Dilemma with gimmefy

As an AI marketer navigating the troubling waters of deepfakes, I’m thrilled to share how generative AI like gimmefy arms us against this deceptive trend. Despite the ethical challenges raised by deepfakes, innovations like gimmefy help preserve the authenticity and honesty in our content. Join me as we continue to combat deepfakes, ensuring ethical marketing practices.


If you found this newsletter enlightening, do share it with your friends. And if you didn’t? Well, forward it to your enemies and let them waste a bit of their time. After all, what are frenemies for?

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The text and images on this blog were almost entirely generated by gimmefy. 

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