Generative Genius: Marketing Edition (Ep. 5)

Hey there, fabulous marketers! It’s time for another round of ‘Generative Genius: Marketing Edition.’ Think of this as your very own snug nook in the bustling, buzzing universe of AI and marketing—a place where cookies are always oven-fresh (and absolutely not the sneaky internet-tracking kind!). Let the merriment commence!


1. AI News: Unpacking the Latest Developments and Milestones in Generative AI Technologies

OpenAI’s leadership changes shake’s up the AI world, with Sam Altman being shown the exit. Meanwhile, Discord retires Clyde, its experimental chatbot, while WhatsApp gears up its AI chat features, promising a new ease to our lives. Stay tuned into this ever-evolving landscape, and learn more about these fascinating updates here.


2. New AI Tools: Revolutionising Marketing with Cutting-Edge Innovations

Discover Converse, the AI-powered reading companion transforming marketing efforts. It’s more than a bookmarking tool – it organises content libraries, promotes collaboration, and stimulates intellectual debates. Even on a tight budget? Converse offers a free version for marketers to harness AI power. Eager to explore more AI marvels like this? Continue reading about an array of AI tools reconceptualising our industry.


3. What got me thinking this week: How Meta’s AI Magic is Revolutionising Marketing and Instagram Reels.

Delving into AI’s role in marketing, I find Meta’s innovation captivating. From the AI-led Meta Performance Marketing Summit to introducing ‘Meta Advantage+’, it’s redefining digital marketing strategies. With tools like ASC and Instagram Reels powered by its AI discovery engine, the future of marketing is here. Can’t wait to see what’s next? Continue reading.


4. The Grey Matter: Riding The Waves Of Change – Generative AI’s Role in Israel-Hamas Disinformation

From rivulet to specter, generative AI’s role in the Israel-Hamas conflict has been nuanced. Often seen as a disinformation catalyst, it’s merely part of an ensemble cast that includes people’s limited attention spans and easier-to-use tools like Photoshop. Gen AI isn’t the main actor in spreading false narratives, but its influence grows in today’s evolving disinformation ecosystem. Read more for more insights into this thrilling world of generative AI.


5. The AI Glossary: Machine Learning

Decoding the term Machine Learning – it’s essentially computers improving tasks by learning from data, similar to our human experiences. It strives to create algorithms that build models from ‘training data’ and subsequently make accurate predictions. Picture this – akin to identifying a lychee or a dragonfruit just from memory. Continue Reading for more insights on this game-changing technology.


6. Mad Machines: Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks 2.0 – The Fusion of AI, AR and Marketing

Discover Chupa Chups’ Halloween Hacks 2.0 campaign, a perfect potion of AI & AR that casts an enchanting personalised experience. Beyond just immersive AR, it cleverly incorporates an AI-driven Look Generator, carving unique Halloween avatars for each user. Their success, bolstered by strategic influencer outreach, serves as an inspiring benchmark for us marketers. Continue reading to unravel deeper lessons from this innovative endeavour.



And there we have it – our enriching rendezvous has drawn to an end! It’s been an absolute pleasure updating you with the newest and most impressive developments straight from our AI marketing playground.

As we conclude this session, always bear in mind: While AI does revolve around algorithms and analytics, it’s your human flair that brings everything into harmony. Continue exploring, stay imaginative, and above all, keep your sense of humor as a dependable companion in this digital journey.

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