Generative Genius: Marketing Edition (Ep. 9)

Hey there, fellow marketing enthusiasts! We’re here, gearing up to serve you your ninth dose of “Generative Genius: Marketing Edition.” Fasten your seatbelts as we dive deep into the bustling world of generative AI, with its never-ending twists and turns.

AI News: The Latest in Generative AI

This week in AI news: the EU finalises its AI Act, setting up a blueprint for global AI regulation. Meanwhile, Elon Musk introduces Grok, a potential ChatGPT competitor, and the FTC raises concerns about misuse of copyrighted materials and biases in generative AI tools. Lastly, Google unveils Gemini, a sophisticated multi-modal AI model. Learn more about these exciting developments here.

New AI Tools: Fliki and the Future of Marketing with Advanced AI-Powered Tools

Meet Fliki, an innovative AI tool transforming content creation. This efficiency master can convert your text blogs into engaging videos or speech in just two minutes. With over 900 voiceover options and endless visual resources, Fliki makes brand-consistent multimedia creation a breeze. Already trusted by over 150,000 content creators, let Fliki be your next secret weapon for marketing. Continue reading about AI’s transformation of marketing.

What Got Me Thinking This Week: Grappling with AI’s Game-Changing Impact on Modern Marketing

Unravel the influence of AI in modern marketing. Embrace AI literacy, view AI as an ally amplifying human skills and turbocharging productivity. Practical applications include quickening response times and personalising experiences. AI is not a sci-fi nightmare, but a transformative power to leverage. Journey with me as we navigate this exciting road of marketing innovation. Continue reading to unlock more insights.

The Grey Matter: A Balancing Act Between Technology and Privacy

As users of AI in marketing, we acknowledge its potential and societal impact. We celebrate its triumphs, like solving child abduction through facial recognition technology. Yet, significant ethical and privacy concerns need addressing. It’s crucial to strike a balance between innovation and ethics. Join us as we navigate this challenging yet intriguing journey through AI’s grey matter. Continue reading to explore the complexity and implications of AI with us.

The AI Glossary: Fine Tuning

In the enchanting world of AI, ‘Fine Tuning’ is akin to teaching your well-behaved dog a new trick. It’s taking a pre-trained model and adding unique data to improve its performance for a specific task — akin to tweaking grandma’s secret sauce recipe to better suit your taste buds. Discover how fine tuning can perfect AI systems by reading more.

Mad Machines: The Undeniably Brilliant Influence of AI in Starbucks’ Tech-Centric Reinvention

Witness the transformation of a coffee giant with Starbucks’ tech-oriented reinvention. Through robust technology including an app-based model and their own AI system, “Deep Brew”, they’ve reimagined customer experience. Notably, their success lies in creating brand loyalty while understanding and adapting to cultural differences such as in China. It’s not just automation – it’s a caffeinated blend of tech, personalisation, and adaptability. Continue reading for your cuppa digital innovation.

The AI Marketer’s Diary: Navigating the 2024 Marketing Trends with AI

Buckle up for a glance into the future of marketing in 2024. Discover how AI assists daily marketing tasks, fosters budding start-ups, and is welcomed beyond hype. We’ll see the significant roles tech providers play and reap benefits like personalised marketing and streamlined processes. Fancy a deeper dive into AI’s impact on marketing? Keep Reading.

And there you have it, folks! As we wrap things up, remember that these advancements are not just about technological evolution; they’re also about how we as marketers adapt and evolve. From demystifying complex terms to shedding light on ethical dilemmas, every episode brings us one step closer to understanding this dynamic landscape. After all, knowledge is power, right?

In the ever-changing sphere of marketing, make sure you stay ahead of the curve. Don’t forget to join me again on our next adventure in “Generative Genius: Marketing Edition.” Until then, keep exploring, keep innovating, and most importantly, keep having fun with it. After all, isn’t that what marketing’s all about?

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