New AI Tools: Fliki and the Future of Marketing with Advanced AI-Powered Tools

As marketers, we’re all too familiar with the frenzied hamster wheel that is “content creation”. Between scripting for videos, drafting blog posts, managing social media platforms, and then somehow finding time to analyse data – it’s a whirlwind. But what if we could enlist the help of new, mind-boggling technology to lighten our load? Well, brace yourself because the ‘mad scientist’ tech-gods have done it again; meet Fliki – an AI tool that’s reshaping the marketing world as we know it.

Fliki: Text-To-Video and Text-To-Speech Master of Efficiency

Just when you thought the content variants couldn’t get any more intricate, along came Fliki. This AI tool uses its inherent genius to transform your textual blogs into snazzy videos or convert them into speech – all within two minutes flat. Now, don’t let your inner cynic jump to conclusions just yet. Rather than just being another gimmick in the vast AI universe, Fliki is recognised as a verified solution by due to its established company status and strong social media presence.

And the cherry on top? It serves up an impressive freemium model with paid plans starting from just $8 per month. Affordable and innovative, isn’t that music to a marketer’s ears?

Features: Your Personal Content Creation Wizard

Remember the days we slaved over editing software for hours on end to produce one mediocre video? Those days are long gone. With Fliki’s life-like voices, you have access to over 900 voices in 75 languages and dialects for realistic voiceovers. The tool brings to your fingertips millions of images, video clips, and background music options, saving you from countless hours trawling free resource websites.

But what about brand consistency, you ask? Fliki has got you covered with branded subtitles, enabling users to customise colours and fonts according to their brand personality. In fact, this little gem is so good at its game; it is trusted by more than 150,000 content creators from renowned organisations.

Fliki’s Superpowers in the Real World

Fliki isn’t just another magic wand in a wizard’s hat. It has practical applications for marketing professionals seeking engaging video content. For educators developing instructional materials, Fliki’s life-like voices make learning stimulative. Businesses can also leverage Fliki to enhance their brand presence with visually appealing videos.

The Extra Perks: Sweetening the Deal

Sign up and you can not only favourite Fliki but also join a community of 175,000 proactive professionals using AI tools in their work. Plus, free weekly newsletters offer new tools, helpful tutorials, and exclusive deals.

To wrap it up, it’s safe to say Fliki is quite the matchmaker – pairing tech-savvy solutions with marketing needs, bridging the gap between great ideas and their multimedia manifestation. So, if you’re looking to turbocharge your content creation and bring a breath of fresh air to your strategy, Fliki might just be your next secret weapon!

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The text and images on this blog were almost entirely generated by gimmefy. 

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