New Tools Alert! Supercharge Your Strategies with gimmefy’s AI Magic

Unleash your creativity with gimmefy, your go-to AI-powered marketing tool. Look forward to new support for Google, Meta, and LinkedIn Ads, improved e-commerce optimisation tools, advanced copywriting tasks, and a comprehensive award submission feature designed to increase your winning chances. Get ready for transformational marketing efficiency!

gimmefy Buzz: Latest Innovations & Updates

New Ideation Tools

Capture the essence of your project’s most innovative and impactful concept in one BIG idea with gimmefy, your AI-powered marketing assistant

Innovation at Your Fingertips
Our tool empowers you to generate groundbreaking ideas and concepts, helping you stay ahead in your industry.

Diverse Thinking
With a wide array of perspectives and suggestions, you’ll find unique and varied ideas that can transform your business strategies.

Efficiency and Speed
Streamline the brainstorming process, saving time and resources while enhancing creativity.

Get your juices flowing!

New Tasks

Digital Ad Teams, this ones for you! We’ve added new tasks to help simplify your day with support for Google Ads, Meta Ads (including Single Image, Video, Carousel, Collection, Dynamic Creative ads), and LinkedIn Ads (Including Image, Video, Carousel, Document, Conversation, Text, Spotlight, Follower, and Event Ads)

Get noticed


Even MORE E-commerce Optimisation! Our E-commerce suite now includes Survey Questions, App Store Optimisation, Customer Review Replies, Testimonial Generators, Customer Personas in order to further optimise your e-commerce stores and reduce time consuming manual tasks

Get selling


Writing Tools
Copywriting made Easy. We’ve introduced new tasks to create Headlines, TikTok Reels scripts, creative briefs, thinking hat ideas, media invites, web page copy, campaign slogans and more

Get writing


Get Pitchin’

Are you ready to get nominated? As industry award submission deadlines are fast approaching, use our Award Submission tasks to supercharge your maximise your nomination chances now!

Craft a compelling and structured submission for an award, highlighting the key aspects of your project or initiative with gimmefy, your AI-powered marketing assistant.

Persuasive Presentations
Craft award submissions that highlight your strengths and achievements.

Detailed Storytelling
Tell the story of your project or company in a compelling way.

Competitive Edge
Improve your chances of winning with a well-structured and impactful submission.

Let’s get some trophies

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