The AI Glossary: Conversational AI

Well hello there, fellow earthling! Let’s dive deep and unravel the mystery around an AI buzzword that’s been doing the rounds – Conversational AI. Don’t worry, I come bearing a life jacket to keep you afloat in this sea of jargon!

What is Conversational AI Anyway?

In simple terms, conversational AI is what gives your Alexa the audacity to play Despacito when you clearly said Decadence. It’s all about machinery babble – turning our human chit-chat into something machines can comprehend, respond to and learn from.

Context is King!

We’re not just pompously throwing words into the wind here. Imagine needing to speak Klingon every single time you want to Google something or switch off your room lights. Annoying right? Enter Conversational AI. It makes machines understand, respond and converse in our native human language, saving us from resorting to an intergalactic linguistics course.

Conversational AI: A Chat at the Market?

Now picture yourself haggling with a shopkeeper – yes, the one who is adamant on giving you 2 potatoes less every time. That’s exactly how we converse with devices using Conversational AI – negotiating, recognising past experiences, and even responding to emotions (yes, even your frustration over lost potatoes). Just like that stubborn shopkeeper, these devices remember past interactions, hence, NEXT time you could very well get those extra 2 potatoes!

So, Conversational AI is not just game-changing, it’s life-changing, and even potentially potato-saving. And that, my friend, is no small potatoes!

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