The AI Glossary: Data Ingestion

Well hello, brave adventurer. You’ve stumbled upon another episode in our quest to make sense of Artificial Intelligence terms. Today’s special: Data Ingestion.

AI Jargon – What in the World is Data Ingestion?

In the simplest form, Data Ingestion is the process of bagging training data for our AI models. Think of it as packing your suitcase before a trip – you’re ingesting all your essentials (data) into your bag!

An Everyday Analogy, Because Who Doesn’t Love Those?

Now let’s break this down with a lighthearted, relatable analogy. Picture yourself at an all-you-can-eat buffet. The food (data) must be gathered (ingested), masticated (processed), and eventually assimilated (utilised) by your body (AI). It’s how you take all that lovely spread and turn it into energy for your day.

Data Ingestion – Not as Indigestible as It Sounds!

So next time someone throws ‘Data Ingestion’ at you, imagine them saying “Just scoffing down data so AI can get stronger!” Remember, no fear, it’s just another plate at the tech buffet!

Stay tuned for more bites of digestible AI lingo, served fresh from our word-kitchen!

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