The AI Glossary: Fine Tuning

Well, hello there! Back for more AI wizardry deciphering? Today, on our magical mystery tour through the land of artificial intelligence, we’ll unravel what ‘fine tuning’ is all about.

What’s this ‘Fine Tuning‘?

Imagine you’ve just adopted a well-trained pooch who knows all the basic tricks – sit, stay, play dead – but you want him to fetch your slippers too. So, you’re going to need to teach him that new trick, right? That’s essentially what fine tuning is in AI – teaching an existing, well-trained, AI model a new trick by training it further with unique data specific to that task.

A Bit More Context

Consider those pre-packaged meals you buy (no judgement here). They’re good, they save time, but maybe you add some extra salt or chilli because you prefer it that way. In AI terms, we’re taking an existing, pre-trained model that already knows a lot of stuff, and then adding our own ‘seasoning’. The aim is to make it perform better for a specific task or application.

Why Fine Tune?

It’s like tweaking grandma’s secret sauce recipe. You’re keeping the timeless essence but adjusting it to suit your taste buds better. In AI, fine tuning optimises a model to perform more accurately for the specific job at hand. So, remember, just like adjusting that sauce recipe, a little fine tuning can go a long way in perfecting AI.

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