What got me thinking this week: How Might Generative AI Impact Marketing Creativity?

Introduction – An AI-ssertive Claim

Darlings of the marketing universe, lend me your attention. This week, I gained intriguing insight that I simply cannot keep to myself. While sipping on my morning latte, a compelling article stole away my casual interest and transformed it into deep contemplation. Authored by Cameron Shackell, a seasoned academic at Queensland University of Technology, the article was titled “Will AI kill our creativity?”.

Suddenly, my latte didn’t taste as sweet. As marketers, we take pride in our creative prowess – it’s what makes our campaigns sparkle brighter than competitors’. Could generative AI, such as the technology within our beloved gimmefy platform, wield enough power to snuff out our creative spark?


Taking Creativity Apart

Shackell shares a fascinating view on creativity, describing two types: psychological or personal (p-type) creativity and historical (h-type) creativity. The former relates to those ‘Eureka!’ moments when you think of something for the first time, while the latter is a grander scale of creativity which affects others’ thinking. Remember when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone? That’s h-type, baby!


AI: The Good, The Bad and The Creative

AI can quite fabulously support both p-type and h-type creativity. It could generate ideas faster than a room full of caffeinated copywriters, and output content that sparks conversations worldwide. Yet, Shackell introduces a term to define AI-driven creativity: “generic, or g-type, creativity”. He conjectures that, while AI tools can produce creative outputs, their creativity is inherently limited by the underlying dataset.


The Dreaded ‘Generic Spiral’

Now, here’s where things get a bit unsettling (and perhaps a tad dramatic). Our friend Shackell presents the gloomy notion of a ‘generic spiral’, where increased reliance on AI creates a homogenised society with less cognitive diversity and more cultural rigidity. He warns that as we feed AI models with our content, the resulting outputs may become increasingly generic.


Striking a Balance: Man vs Machine

The essence of the conversation boils down to balance. We must ensure that generative AI complements our creative endeavours rather than replaces them. Human imagination is boundless, unrestricted by datasets or algorithms. No AI tool, no matter how sophisticated, can replicate this.

In the marketing world, teamwork between AI and human creativity could be truly transformative. Consider gimmefy’s platform. The AI-powered tools enhance your content generation efforts but still require your creative input – your spark to ignite the flame. Intellectual property law, as suggested by Shackell, may play a crucial role in preserving the sanctity of our creative systems.



Generative AI has an ocean of potential for marketers. However, just like any powerful tool, its value depends significantly upon its users. We need to weave it into our work smartly, treating it as an ally rather than a replacement. Let it bear the brunt of monotonous tasks, lending you more time for strategic thinking and innovative ideation.

At the end of the day, as we journey into an increasingly AI-dominated future, we must always remember to celebrate, protect and utilise the traits that make us uniquely human. Our creativity is our secret sauce – let’s keep it simmering!


Final thoughts

The rise of generative AI, like any innovation, presents challenges and opportunities. We must continuously adapt and learn, using these tools to leverage our capabilities rather than becoming overly dependent on them. And while we’re at it, let’s ensure that we keep those creative juices flowing, because after all, a marketer without creativity is like a latte without froth – bland and uninspiring!

So, dear marketers, here’s my food for thought for you this week: Will your creativity and AI clash or collaborate? The choice, my friends, is in your hands.


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