What Got Me Thinking This Week: The Rise of AI in Marketing And Its Influence On Internship Opportunities

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across GetApp’s 2023 AI Impact Survey and found myself knee-deep in thought about a ‘simple’ tech update that’s been quietly revolutionising the marketing industry and changing the landscape of internship opportunities – Artificial Intelligence!

AI – More than Just a Fancy Buzzword

Honestly, folks, AI is no longer just a buzzword tossed around in Silicon Valley or an exclusive feature of gimmicky sci-fi movies. It is penetrating every sector, including our beloved marketing industry. As someone who’s been in the business long enough to witness numerous transformations, seeing how companies are keenly integrating AI skills within interns’ capabilities leaves me a bit giddy. Why you ask? Because it’s forcing us to forget traditional checklists and transform our approach towards hiring and training the stars of tomorrow.

The AI Magnet – How Companies Attract Talent

When I took my first marketing gig years ago, AI was something quite alien. Today, it has become a magnet attracting fresh talent. According to the survey findings, firms are actively seeking interns equipped with AI skills. And worse (or better?), they’re ready to shell out extra bucks for those wielding this magic wand called AI. Now let’s be real, an intern is meant to learn, right? But the game has changed. Companies now are eager to squeeze out double the value from a single intern role – learning experiences for them, and AI competencies for the firms. A clear win-win situation.

Unveiling the Preferred AI Skills

So, if you’re a keen marketer eager about your internship (or simply curious like me), here’s what’s on the menu: data analysis, content generation, admin support, and customer service. Not too daunting, eh? But hold your horses right there! These are no ordinary skills anymore. They’re becoming increasingly AI-infused, meaning you don’t just understand them, you control them using AI tools.

What’s In It For Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMBs)?

Interestingly, AI isn’t only leaving its impression on big corporations but also SMBs. They prefer AI-enabled interns to use their powers primarily for data analysis (48%), reducing errors (42%), and improving workflows (36%). So, even the smaller players in the field are finding ways to embrace AI and harness its potential.

The New Kid on the Block – The Marketing Intern of Tomorrow

This shift doesn’t just symbolise progress; it reflects our fast-changing world where technology is bouldering its way through traditional roles. With 77% agreeing that AI has fundamentally changed the qualifications for marketing interns, we can expect job descriptions to be rewritten and skill sets reshaped.

Getting Our Hands Dirty with AI

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Don’t worry, it’s not about overnight mastery. It’s about learning, adapting, and growing alongside this change. Remember, AI is not there to replace us; it’s here to assist us. Let’s face the music and start viewing AI as an integral part of our toolkit that spans across many marketing tasks, from writing assistance to visual creation. Hint: You might want to start learning about these AI-driven tools now!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, AI is shaking things up, Salsa style, in the marketing world! It’s high time we adapt our skillsets, whether as experienced marketers or budding interns. This tectonic shift is a challenge and an opportunity. For those willing to embrace it with open arms, the future looks promising.

Oh, and if you’re feeling a bit lost at this juncture, remember there’s always room for humour amidst all this change. After all, while AI might beat us at data analysis, it can’t replicate our knack for witty banter – for now, at least!

Watch out, world. The age of AI-enabled marketing isn’t coming. It’s already here.

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