What got me thinking this week: Unleashing the Profound Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The rumble was unmistakable – the exchange4media Programmatic Summit held recently in Mumbai resonated with revelations that tickled my grey matter. Refreshing insights bubbled up from a host of industry mavens who gathered to dissect the ever-strengthening bond between technology and marketing. The panel discussion that particularly caught my attention orbited around “Unlocking the Power of AI”, and oh boy, the gears in my head are still whirring.

AI: The Game Changer in Marketing

One thing is clear as crystal — the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing is no longer a futuristic concept or an esoteric mystery. It’s here, it’s now, and it’s revolutionising the playground for marketers around the globe. Suddenly, we find ourselves thrust into an era where the lines between ‘sci-fi fantasy’ and ‘marketing reality’ blur.

Coming back to the panel, the conversation wafted towards scenarios where automation and AI hold the prospect of playing larger roles in marketing, including supercharging brand personalisation and content creation. The analogy of alchemists turning base metals into gold couldn’t be more apt!

AI – Democratisation & Customisation

Anvesha Poswalia, Head of Digital & E-commerce for Home Care at Unilever, had an interesting take on the evolution of AI. For one, the technology is becoming more accessible and cost-effective, thus democratising its use among a broader audience. Also, AI has been increasingly harnessed for customisation, personalisation and contextualisation of ad campaigns in both B2C and B2B sectors. Using AI for personalised ads, HUL churns out fresh advertisements every 20 seconds. The rate at which Unilever’s AI system produces new ads is faster than you can reheat your coffee!

The Power of Personalisation

Echoing Poswalia’s thoughts, Vikram Jeet Bhayana, Head of Marketing at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, sang praises about AI’s role in driving personalisation and brand delight to dizzy new heights. He illustrated how AI allowed Bajaj Allianz to produce tailor-made messages, contests, and videos for their customers. As a result, customer participation rates and satisfaction skyrocketed. Now that’s what I call effectively capturing audiences’ attention without coming across as stalky or annoyingly prescient.

AI: The Force Multiplier

From Google’s perspective, Prateek Dubey, Head, Google Marketing Platform (DV360) pointed out that AI acts as a force multiplier. It’s not just a tool for marketers, but a weapon to enhance customer interactions, personalise content and gain invaluable insights. Despite his optimism, Dubey also took care to caution against getting caught up in the hype and only adopting AI if it genuinely improves customer experience.

Responsible Data Practices & Transparency

The conversation inevitably veered towards the subject most marketers dread — data practices. With the emergence of AI, there’s an increasing need for responsible data practices, transparency and more contextuality in targeting especially in the cookie-less era. We’re navigating uncharted waters here, folks; it’s worth keeping this in mind as we strive to maximise the benefits of AI without compromising on ethics.

To Sum Up…

An AI revolution is underway, and it’s clear that marketers must adapt or risk being left behind. It’s akin to a game of chess where strategy meets innovation; every move counts, and every decision could be a potential game-changer. AI in marketing brings with it infinite possibilities for personalisation, content creation and customer experience, and these ideas certainly got my neurons firing this week.

This journey has got me thinking, why merely enhance when you can transform? Why settle for ordinary when you can rewrite the rules? As we stand on the precipice of an AI-induced renaissance in marketing, the challenge for us is not just to ride the wave but out-surf it. After all, in the whirlwind of marketing, it’s the most adaptable who survive. So here’s to embracing the AI revolution, carving new paths, and rewriting the marketing playbook – one algorithm at a time.

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