gimmefy Forays Into The North American Market For A New Chapter

Marketers across Asia have already discovered the magic of, the leading generative AI marketing platform. Now, is excited to announce its expansion into North America, bringing its best-in-class AI to a whole new audience. This strategic move is spearheaded by the appointment of Matt Fusco as CEO, North America.


Why It’s Not Just Another Marketing Tool!

Traditional marketing solutions powered by GPT technology simply don’t cut it anymore. Marketers crave effectiveness, speed, and consistent performance. is built differently, leveraging cutting-edge AI models that go beyond GPT, alongside human expertise from experienced marketers. This potent combination is endorsed by the prestigious IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority), recognizing gimmefy’s commitment to responsible AI development.


Introducing Matt Fusco: Leading the Charge in North America

Matt Fusco, a seasoned industry leader, joins as CEO, North America. He brings a wealth of experience to the table, focusing on building a dynamic team and capitalizing on the vast opportunities in the North American market.


“I am thrilled to join and lead the charge in North America,” said Matt Fusco. “The potential for our platform to revolutionize marketing strategies is immense. I look forward to building a talented team and partnering with businesses to unlock new levels of engagement and growth through our innovative AI solutions.”

Anthony Lacovone, one of gimmefy’s investors, also has an important insight. 

“What truly sets apart is their commitment to combining the power of AI with the strategic thinking of human marketers. This unique approach ensures that content is not only creative but also aligns perfectly with brand voice and marketing objectives.” 

Clients rave about experiencing up to 90% savings in time and costs. Not surprisingly, gimmefy is a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, from small, resource-constrained teams to large agencies managing multiple accounts.




What Sets gimmefy Apart 

From small marketing teams with limited resources, to teams with a need for speed, and agencies with resource pressures, gimmefy is a viable, scalable solution which focuses on:

  • Effectiveness: Combining the world’s best available technology with proprietary in-house tech, and industry experience and expertise, into a better product and product experience with better outputs by industry standards.
  • Speed: Creating tools that enable marketers to ideate, create and deploy faster to meet existing and future market demands.
  • Availability: Surpassing human limitations, the product does not require breaks. gimmefy is also LLM-agnostic, which reduces dependency on any one tech, and also for consistently better performance.
  • Future-proof: Designed and built for the future, the architecture is built to adapt and adopt future changes and developments in technology, supporting the evolution of marketers and the marketing industry.
  • Success: Developed by marketers, the product’s main benchmark for success is the success and relevance of its users.


Supercharged with New Updates 


🚀 Latest AI Models: Faster and Better with GPT 4o
We’ve supercharged our engines and upgraded to GPT-4o in record speed! 

More Options, More Outputs

Just like real-world creatives might approach a project differently, our AI models generate outputs in distinct styles. 

🔍 Improved Briefing with AI Search Engine

Step 2 of every task’s briefing just got better! Specify a search term, query, or website, and voila, our AI search engine retrieves real-time, accurate, and factual results that give your tasks an edge. 

👁️GPT Vision is HERE!

Creative tasks, from social media posts to concept creators, now have the power of GPT Vision integrated into them! 

📝 Enhanced Document Capabilities: Deep Dive into Data

Our document upload and retrieval system is now even mightier. Think better quality and quantity of processed information. 

🤖 Upgraded AI Marketing Assistants

Our AI Marketing Assistants are here for you—they remember past conversations and provide faster, more comprehensive responses. 


Ready to Unlock Growth with gimmefy?

gimmefy is poised to become a key player in the North American AI marketing space. Visit or contact Matt Fusco at to find out how can brew up success for your brand.

P.S. This blog post was crafted by gimmefy – faster than your morning coffee run!


Let’s GO gimmefy!

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