Mad Machines: Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks 2.0 – The Fusion of AI, AR and Marketing

Hello fellow marketers! Today’s spotlight under “Mad Machines” isn’t haunted, but it sure is spellbinding. We’re talking about Chupa Chups’ Halloween Hacks 2.0 campaign, a spooky blend of AI, AR and personalised aesthetics that seemed to cast a charming spell on users this All Hallows’ Eve.

First Impressions

Upon entering its cobwebbed corridors (, you’re embraced by an uncanny yet exciting atmosphere. Besides, who wouldn’t want to spruce up their avatar with the latest Gen Z hairstyles and trends? This gothic spectacle is not merely an ad campaign but a trip down the lane of virtual vanity.

Lessons Uncovered

Chupa Chups didn’t just stop at creating an immersive AR world. They cleverly gamified the process with an AI-driven Look Generator, which transforms any garden-variety user into a spectral specter or a vampy vixen based on three chosen elements. A brilliant strategy to keep users engaged while subtly promoting their brand – definitely a takeaway for my next brainstorming session.

What piqued my interest further was how they leveraged influencers from various domains like gaming, fashion, and lifestyle. Names like Avneet Kaur and Funcho (Shyam Sharma and Dhruv Shah) were seen frolicking around on social media, sharing their experiences with #ChupaChupsHalloweenHacks. This proves yet again that influencers can indeed create a ripple in your campaign’s reach.

The Cool Quotient

Amidst the spook and scare, the real magic lies in providing a personalised customer experience. On this front, Chupa Chups deserves a wizard’s hat. By allowing users to customise their avatars and generate unique Halloween looks, they skillfully catered to the user’s desire for individuality – a testament to customer-centric marketing.

Moreover, their integration of sophisticated tech like AR and AI not only amplified the “cool quotient” but also made their Halloween campaign trailblazing amidst the sea of mundane marketing strategies.

The Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks 2.0 campaign has reshaped traditional holidays with its technological prowess and innovativeness. For us marketers, it serves as an inspiring benchmark and a captivating tale of how our ‘mad machines’ can redefine user experiences when blended with creativity and strategic influencer collaborations.

Until next time fellow marketers, keep experimenting, keep innovating! There’s a world full of mad machines waiting to be harnessed.

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