Mad Machines: Cosabella Triumphs With AI Over Traditional Marketing

In a bold testament to the power of AI, Cosabella, the global lingerie brand, bid adieu to traditional marketing strategies and embraced the digital realm of artificial intelligence. Today, we delve into this radical shift that redefined their marketing game.

First Impressions

When traditional marketing seemed to lose its charm for Cosabella, they had options aplenty. Recruiting a new agency, expanding their in-house marketing team, or venturing into artificial intelligence. We all know the route they chose. Albert, a brainchild of Adgorithms, took over Cosabella’s marketing wheel, oozing machine learning magic across numerous channels, including email, mobile, search, social, and display.

Lessons Uncovered

Albert didn’t merely breathe life into online campaigns; it ran them autonomously, from identifying targets and keywords to controlling bids and executing buys. It focused on high-level parameters like geographics, channels, target audiences, budget, and key performance indicators (KPIs). The results? Honestly, they’re numbers that marketers dream of.

Within three months, Cosabella experienced a whopping 336% increase in return on ad spend, with revenues swelling by 155% in Q4. Albert brought in 1,500 more transactions year over year, with new customers accounting for 30% of these transactions. Oh, I almost forgot, the return on Facebook ad spend rocketed by 565%! Can we give AI a standing ovation yet?

The Cool Quotient

What sets Albert apart from the crowd isn’t just its ability to churn impressive stats. It’s primarily how it functions. The self-optimising capability of this AI engine requires minimum supervision, freeing up valuable time for the marketing team. And here’s the kicker – integration is painless and void of any technical investment. All you need to do is link your accounts to Albert. Simple, right?

Looking ahead, Cosabella aims to integrate Albert with other AI vendors like Emarsys and Sentient for email marketing, customer acquisition, and real-time merchandising. By connecting Albert to their CRM system, they plan to continuously feed customer information for lookalike targeting. So, the AI party at Cosabella isn’t ending anytime soon.

A Round of Applause for Albert

Cosabella’s journey has made one thing crystal clear. AI-driven solutions are no longer an option; they’re a necessity. Albert outperformed Cosabella’s previous agency by offering more accurate attribution, tracking customer interactions, and providing in-depth reports. It’s safe to say that AI tools like Albert are nothing short of a heroic sidekick for marketers trying to stay competitive.

So, hats off to Cosabella for taking a leap of faith into the realms of AI and emerging victorious. It’s proof that when humans and machines join forces, exceptional marketing miracles can happen. Now, who’s ready for a round of applause for our mad machine Albert?

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