Mad Machines: Embracing the Future with EY’s AI-driven “Face of the Future” Campaign

As soon as I heard about Ernst & Young’s (EY) new campaign, “The Face of the Future,” I just knew I had to get involved in this extraordinary blend of reality and digital artistry. Strap yourself in, fellow marketers, as we dive into the cutting-edge universe of AI-driven advertising.

First Impressions

Imagine combining the faces of over 200 individuals from across the globe to create a single entity that embodies the collective power of EY’s personnel. This isn’t the plot of the latest sci-fi blockbuster but forms the core of EY’s newest omni-channel initiative. The campaign incorporates TV, outdoor advertising, digital platforms, social media, podcasts, and more, ensuring no stone is unturned in reaching their global audience.

Lessons Uncovered

The campaign not only visually captivates but also delivers EY’s approach towards an AI-enabled business transformation. Using leading AI visual and voice technologies typically found in blockbuster movie productions, think Hollywood-level craftsmanship, they’ve brought confidence to businesses facing an AI-led future.

A powerful lesson here for AI-curious marketers like us: “Building confidence in AI requires a holistic and people-centered approach,” says Nicola Morini-Bianzino, EY’s Global Chief Technology Officer.

The Cool Quotient

What sets this campaign apart is the behind-the-scenes technology. EY used a specially adapted one-shot StyleGAN to highlight individual facial architecture, creating a harmonious blend of every contributing face. The uniqueness doesn’t stop there – they also transformed a single professional voice using AI to generate an unlimited number of voiceovers.

This global campaign will be featured on business channels like Bloomberg Television, CNBC, and Euronews. Additionally, animated ads will grace out-of-home displays in airports around the world and high-traffic areas related to sports, entertainment, business, and lifestyle events. It’s as if the future has arrived on our doorstep.


“The Face of the Future” campaign showcases how AI can be creatively harnessed to engage diverse audiences while delivering a clear, compelling message. As marketers navigating an increasingly digital world, let us take inspiration from EY’s innovative use of AI, which so powerfully combines technological expertise with a human touch. After all, isn’t that the real ‘Face of the Future’?

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