The Art of Crafting an Authentic Brand Voice

Ever wondered why certain brands just seem to “click” with you, like they’re chatting away over a cuppa while the rest might feel more like a stiff corporate handshake? That magic ingredient isn’t just slick marketing or flashy visuals—it’s something profoundly simple yet incredibly impactful: brand voice. And boy, do we need that to be on-brand for effective marketing!

Crafting content that resonates with your audience while staying true to your brand persona takes skill. But the payoff can be huge in terms of engagement and conversions.


Brand Voice: Crafting the Personality of Your Brand

Imagine your brand as a person. What would they sound like? Are they a bubbly optimist, a sage advisor, or perhaps the life of the party? This personality in your communications is what marketers call “brand voice.” It’s not merely about what you communicate but how you say it—tone, word choice, and even the rhythms you use all play their part.


Why You Need One

Without a consistent brand voice, your messaging can seem disjointed or dull. Here are some stellar reasons to make this a priority:


  • Strengthens Brand Identity: Your voice says so much about your brand. Is your tone educational? Witty? Empowering? Inspiring? Knowing how to communicate in a way that feels natural gives your content and campaigns more heart.


  • Boosts Recognition:A stand-out voice makes you more memorable in a saturated marketplace. Consistency across channels helps reinforce what your brand embodies.


  • Enhances Audience Connection: An audience-centric voice that invites two-way dialogue fosters genuine connections between your brand and community.


  • Builds Trust: An authentic, human voice communicates transparency. Being true to your values and personality inspires audience confidence.


How Some Iconic Brands Crafted Their Voice

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain to see how brands both big and small have honed stand-out voices:


Mailchimp: Quirky and Conversational

Known for its monkeys and cheeky humour, Mailchimp speaks to audiences conversationally—like an old friend dishing advice over coffee. Short, simple sentences keep things fun and digestible while showcasing the brand’s playful personality.




Dollar Shave Club: Punchy and Relatable

Dollar Shave Club keeps communications grounded in a strong sense of self. Punchy, bro-style copy connects the brand meaningfully with its target males. Phrases like “no BS” reveal brutal honesty.




Apple: Visionary and Empowering

Apple broadcasts a pioneering brand voice that frames technology as visionary yet intensely personal. Soaring language empowers people to change the world while maintaining a minimalistic style true to Apple’s design principles.




gimmefy’s Brand Vault: Your Secret Superpower

And that’s why we created Brand Vault, a treasure trove where your brand’s voice, audience profiles, insights and competitor information are stored. Here’s what makes it as cool as the flip side of the pillow:

1. Once you create a Brand Vault on gimmefy, it’s always at your disposal, i.e., you can apply a vault as many times as you’d like to multiple briefs.

2. Let’s face it, no one has just one personality and neither do brands. Which is why gimmefy lets you create as many vaults as you’d like, so you can switch it up for different campaigns and projects.

3. Your entire team has access to the vaults you create for different projects, because being in sync makes marketing that much easier.

4. And times and trends are always changing, which means you can modify existing brand vaults or replace them entirely.

Sounds exciting? Take a quick demo with one of our in-house superstars to see how it works!

Picture this: you’re the maestro of a grand orchestra, where every section—from the strings to the percussions—syncs in sweet harmony. Tools like gimmefy’s Brand Vault make managing this symphony simpler than ever, ensuring your branding never hits a sour note. After all, iconic brands aren’t made by trying to be like others, are they?

Define what your brand sounds like. Let’s GO gimmefy!


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